The training programs are an opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing. It also addresses issues related to the long-term development agenda for girls’ education in The Gambia especially in the ICT field. Therefore, the training has been designed to focus on the basics of ICT which is the fundamental point in pursuing ICT related careers.

It is envisaged that the training, will help address the late introduction of the basics of ICT into the school systems, which scares student away especially the girls who are less privilege with the notion that these are difficult areas to study and work.


  • The country is currently facing acute capacity constraints, particularly within the girls and women.
  • Women are still afraid of the technical field thus making it vastly dominated by their male counterparts.
  • Cultural challenges such as early marriages and teenage pregnancy are on the increase thus reducing the participation of women in the ICT arena.


  • The training will be very relevant and timely for the students as they are about to enter the workforce.
  • More opportunities for careers in ICT fields are in high demand.
  • Obtain technical skills for new emerging technologies.
  • More Networking Opportunities for young Girls in ICT.